Dry construction

In both residential and commercial buildings, rooms should be able to adapt to changing requirements. No problem with drywall solutions, because these combine high flexibility in the room layout with best functionality at low cost. Whether suspended ceilings, partitions, partition walls or panels, small or large surfaces, our dry-builders work always precisely.

Drywall Berlin - drywall Berlin

Arthos Bau is your competent partner for the extensive and complex field of dry construction in and around Berlin. In fact, most people may have heard this particular term before. The actual imagination around the options and variants, however, is much lower. Often it is not known which works actually include the term drywall and which services the modern company Arthos Bau in Berlin can provide for you. The following overview presents the services clearly and exactly for you.

Drywall - general explanation of drywall

The term drywall unites a wide range of services and work. Of course, all of these originate from the craft sector and are mostly confined to interior design. In the construction of new real estate or even in the extensive renovation of existing buildings and flats, drywall not only plays an essential part in the necessary and necessary tasks in Berlin. Put simply, these are construction measures for the production of space-limiting components. The big difference to other areas is the complete renouncement of water-containing building materials. Mortar or cement are therefore not used in the context of drywall construction, so the origin of the term can also be explained very well in the end.The artisanal principle of drywall

The artisanal principle of drywall is actually based only on dry measures. This also means that the connections between individual components are achieved exclusively by means of screws, dowels or similar variants.


For the construction so-called semi-finished products are used, which make the space-limiting or disguised measures in the first place possible. The measures of the drywall are a lightweight construction and an assembly method in the broadest sense.
What advantages does the drywall offer?

Of course, with the classic walls and similar activities there is quite a wide selection of suitable alternatives to the actual topic of drywall construction. Nevertheless, especially the drywall for Berlin can convince with some advantages and points. Here are the financial aspects first. The separation of a room or the insertion of a new ceiling is by drywall in the end much cheaper than with the mentioned alternatives and other variants of the construction. And last but not least, the time factor also plays a very important role. Whether in building a house, where it often depends on every single day exactly or the comprehensive renovation and remodeling, the drywall can be done easily work and existing wishes much faster.

Development of drywall

Until a few years ago, there were many doubts regarding the physical requirements of dry construction. These include, for example, the fire protection or the sound insulation, as well as the insulation against heat or cold as well as the important impact safety. Due to lack of alternatives not the drywall in Berlin was used, but usually the classic masonry. Today, however, the newspaper has changed significantly, as a well-known saying to report. Thanks to significant progress in the development of suitable building materials, drywall construction is now clearly and clearly superior to classic construction. With a good construct in the field of drywall, today, better insulation can be achieved, better fire protection is possible, and at the same time, the stability leaves nothing to be desired.

Possibilities of drywall construction ...

First of all, there is an important limitation to be aware of around the drywall in Berlin, because the construction of load-bearing parts and elements is not at all possible with this area of ​​the craft industry. If this is necessary or desired, then the classic solid construction must continue to be chosen. In general, however, the possibilities of drywall construction are very extensive and we gladly support you in Berlin in the implementation of all projects and requirements. Thus, the drywall for Berlin offers the opportunity to occupy blankets or hang this classic. Wall cladding or mounting walls are also no big challenge, as well as installation walls or toilet walls. However, the portfolio of practical and high-quality options for drywall construction is still far from over, because even floor systems, room-in-room systems and more are no longer a problem and no great challenge thanks to modern and stable materials in the area of ​​dry construction , In combination with a professional planning by experienced hands, thanks to the individual possibilities of the drywall, individual wishes can usually be implemented with ease and the necessary stability.

Trockenbauer in Berlin - real professionals

Our drywall builders in Berlin carry out professional drywall work. With the experience of our drywall growers, your drywall construction will cope with your needs. Arthos Bau Berlin is at your disposal and at any time at your disposal when it comes to drywall work. As a competent and experienced company, Arthos Bau offers you the best opportunities to implement all drywall construction projects in your hands. You can rely on the extensive experience and expertise of the employees. From the first idea to the successful planning and subsequent implementation, the experts will accompany you and show you the possible variants and the great potential of drywall construction. It goes without saying that your wishes and needs can be scrutinized in the very first conversation, in order to decide and determine the possibilities that Arthos Bau has for the implementation. Of course, you receive professional, competent advice and implementation on particularly favorable and fair terms, so that your planned project can be implemented much easier and easier.