Structural work

Structural work is part of our core competency

Structural work for the shell in Berlin

We, the Arthos Bau, offer professional shell construction work in and around Berlin. Our core competence is the shell construction work. From masonry work, steel construction and reinforced concrete, you are guaranteed to receive everything from one source. Our business areas include the assembly of prefabricated concrete elements, WU constructions and tubs, reinforced concrete shell and floor slabs.
Specialists in shell construction for listed buildings.We are the specialists in shell construction when it comes to listed façade renovations. Masonry work is our daily business in particular KS and clinker masonry for the interior or masonry with facade view. Our construction company is pleased to be the contact person for your shell construction in Berlin. We also like to carry out our structural work on buildings that are under monument protection. Arthos Bau stands for competence and professionalism. If you want to build or renovate in Berlin, we are the right contact for you.

Your shell in the good hands<

The capital Berlin continues to grow strongly. Professional structural work is in demand on every corner. We at Arthos Bau work professionally, punctually and precisely with a constantly growing team. A good shell design decides on sound and heat insulation, stability and later home comfort. For office buildings and industrial buildings, it does not look any different. A well thought-out shell creates a structured and pleasant working atmosphere for the employees on site. Every shell, including yours, is in good hands with us. Professional construction workers, craftsmen are available to our construction company. We pay attention to detail and offer you solutions and suggestions as quickly as possible.

Our range of structural work includes the following areas:

New buildings - Commercial real estate - Conversions - Attachments - Houses for the private sector - Urban construction - Warehouses Of course our work includes on request the interior fittings. We deliver everything from A to Z with our reliable partners around the bodyshop. Talk to us at any time. Extensive performance fields and Leistungsleistet distinguish our construction company in Berlin. Enjoy the flexibility and the wide range of services offered by our construction company in Berlin. Quality and trust are very important to us. We attach great importance to a solid supporting foundation. A stable masonry to below the roof edge. Interior walls and stairs are made of top quality and precision work.

The bodyshell from the foundation to the roof truss

The structural work includes: masonry, steel construction, concrete and reinforced concrete construction and carpentry. You receive everything from one source. Our many years of experience with corresponding references attest to punctual and careful work processes. We work cost-efficiently and our sophisticated project management is always subject to our own high quality standards.

Foundation work on the shell:

With the high-quality and cleanly processed foundation, we start the shell work. You decide, with or without cellar; which does not matter for the foundation. The foundation is of great importance in the shell construction work. It is essential for the safety and stability of the property to be built on it. The foundation can be made differently. The common foundation plates, strip foundations or as another option the point foundations. This is not necessarily a matter of taste, but it depends clearly on the carrying capacity of the particular soil. It will also depend on the expected loading load of the shell. This is calculated by the height and the respective benefit of the building expertly and reliably.

The masonry of the shell:

The foundation is laid; now the walls are being shelled. The outer and inner walls are exposed to the highest requirements in the shell construction work. The walls have to withstand all weather conditions. In addition, good noise and sound insulation is important if you do not want to live together with the neighbors of the row house noisily. Furthermore, high insulation protection means lower heating costs at the same time. Stability is the foundation and legislators have set clear guidelines here. Likewise, the floor slabs play an important role for the heat coverage. A sound insulation is important if the kicks from the first floor should not sound unpleasant in the EC. We are the specialists for this and attach great importance to a perfect sound insulation according to the given guidelines. Rest in the house and in the office building is more important today than ever, because we are constantly surrounded by noise. We use mineral fibers, hard foam or other insulating materials depending on the mineral. With our insulating materials, we can achieve the best living comfort for you in private or in the office complex. Progress has not stopped at the outer walls. The possibilities today are more diverse than ever. From limestone walls, steel or aerated concrete, through brick walls to solid wood, everything is conceivable. We test all materials and meet the highest standards. We set building physics requirements for our material which have to withstand a special class. You get everything from one source to the attractive and high-quality facade design

From floor to floor

Stairs as far as the eye can see. We and our partners take care of the right kick. No matter which staircase shape you prefer, we will deliver your desired model from the spindle, through the spiral staircase to the slab staircase.All under one roof. From us you get everything delivered to the roof. The shape of the roof and the roof cover have no limits to the variety of colors and shapes. Talk to us, we will advise you and find the right roof covering with you.

From A to Z at Arthos Bau Berlin

You would like to design the interior design with us? Painting work and floors can be laid, etc. We ask the complete service with our partners. Talk to us, we are always happy to advise you. Order Arthos Bau for your shell. Professionally executed shell construction works await you first-hand. Our experts are at your side with help and advice. Contact us, we will create facts and answer all your questions about the shell work on your object. Without obligation you will receive a complete offer from us. On request, we also submit offers for the respective areas. We and our entire team are always available to answer any questions you may have. Among other things, we carry out demolition work, as well as sealing work, painting, as well as plastering and drywall in Berlin.

Shell construction our core competence

Structural work is one of our core competences, regardless of whether reinforced concrete, masonry work or steel construction with us you get everything from one source. Floor slabs, WU constructions and tubs, reinforced concrete casts and the installation of precast concrete components are among our business areas. Masonry work in particular KS and clinker masonry in the interior or as Fassadensesmauerwerk be carried out by as well as facade renovations in the listed area. Steel constructions are indispensable when it comes to slender and aesthetic constructions, as well as in industrial building construction.

Professional shell work

We have been carrying out professional structural work for years. With our services, we provide clients and builders. Whether small construction project or large construction project. Our plasterers are real specialists for structural work. We carry out all conceivable work carefully and are known as an experienced construction company. With your construction plan and our construction, nothing can stand in the way of a successful construction. Among other things, we take over renovation work, as well as work on old buildings and new buildings. We are also not afraid to carry out professional construction work on listed buildings. Structural work is part of our core competency, whether steel concrete, masonry work or steel construction with us you get everything from a single source.Floor boards, WU construction and troughs, reinforced concrete structures and the assembly of precast concrete parts are all parts of our business activities. Masonry work in particular KS- and clinker masonry work in the interior or as facade-facing masonry work are carried out as well as facade restorations in the protected area. Steel construction is not an indispensable thing to do when it comes to lean and aesthetic constructions, as well as in industrial building construction.