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We renovate damp walls and supplement defective seals, and are a reliable partner for the structural waterproofing in existing and new construction. The rehabilitation of moistened components can only work in the interplay of horizontal and vertical sealing. We work with conventional bituminous membranes, KMB, mineral bound sealing slurries and PU and PUR resin injections. Additional measures such as cleaning renovations, installing insulation, protecting the seal and making drainage complete our profile.
Professional sealing work

We carry out professional sealing work for you. If the building in question is located directly in Berlin or in the surrounding area, we are also happy to advise you. If you are looking for a reliable partner, Arthos Bau Berlin is probably the right contact for you. In addition to the sealing work we do a whole range of other services in the categories of construction, renovation, painting and body work for you.

Renovation with the support of Arthos Bau Berlin

Sealing work is required, inter alia, when the renovation of damp walls is necessary. Regardless of whether this is a new building or an old building - without high-quality waterproofing, the building in question will not stay dry for long. If components are already moistened, it is best to act quickly. Since laymen are usually unfamiliar with ordinary sealing work, you will need professional help. Our friendly staff are technically trained in this area and bring with them a lot of experience. If you would like to benefit from this, then please contact us promptly.

This is how modern sealing works today

Sealing work can only work permanently if a combination of vertical and horizontal seals is used. If you are not familiar with these terms, that is not a problem. Our employees are familiar with all common sealing methods and bring appropriate tools and materials with them. All you have to do is give our professionals a job. As a rule, we work either with common bituminous membranes, with the so-called KMB or with mineral-bound sealing slurries. All of these procedures are state of the art and will help keep your building dry in the long term. In addition, we work with high-quality PU or resin injections made of PUR.

Additional services

If you would like us to provide complementary services as well, then you have to say that in advance. Among other things, in the course of sealing work we also undertake insulation, protection of the seals or the production of drainage for you. If you have any specific questions regarding one of these steps, we will be glad to answer them either by phone or by e-mail.

Sealing work - when the application makes sense

Above all, errors in the planning or execution of a building result in parts of a building becoming wet as a result of heavy rainfall or flooding. In this case, quick action is required, as it may otherwise lead to the formation of mold or even an acute danger of collapse threatens. In general, horizontal sealing work is needed to effectively keep the rising damp from the earth away from the building. In addition, vertical sealing work is necessary so that no further water can penetrate into the building laterally. The appropriate measures can be carried out retrospectively, as long as real professionals go to work. It is not without reason that we have a steadily growing stock of satisfied and loyal customers. If you too want to benefit from our technical knowledge and our human strengths, then just give us a call. We are also happy to answer any questions by e-mail or in person. We help you carry out the necessary sealing work in a timely manner. In this way, your building can be preserved for a long time.

Seals and other services

We also undertake waterproofing work in Berlin. Our waterproofing measures are carried out thoroughly and professionally. We also offer drywall, painting and demolition work, as well as plastering in Berlin. Cheap sealing for a fair price. If you are looking for a construction company that will undertake your construction work, contact Arthos Bau Berlin. Cheap prices, professional services.

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Sealing work of professionals in Berlin.

Sealing work of professionals in Berlin

Arthos Bau Berlin offers professional sealing work. As a Berlin-based construction company we are on the road in all districts of Berlin. We will advise you competently during the inspection on the construction site in Berlin and introduce you to our building professionals. Professional sealing is one of our core competences. As an experienced Berlin construction company, we do all the work thoroughly and reliably. With our construction company, we are one of the reliable construction companies in the city and are an ideal example of a serious construction company in Berlin. We look forward to doing the sealing work for you.

Arthosbau Berlin

We rehabilitate damp walls and supplement defective seals, and are a reliable partner for building waterproofing stock as well as in new construction. The rehabilitation of moist components can only work in conjunction with horizontal and vertical sealing. We work with conventional bitumen sheetings, SMEs, mineral-bound sealing slurries and Pu and pur-resin injections. Additional measures such as plaster renewals, installing insulation, protection of the sealing and manufacture of drains round off our profile.